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Labret Studs

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In Stock: 287
Internal thread
In Stock: 278
Internal thread
Bio Flex Push in Monroe stud
Tiny Gem. Ideal for monroe (top lip) piercings.
Black Steel Jewelled Monroe Stud 1.2mm
In Stock: 181
We currently have Crystal only
1.6mm Jewelled Labret Piercing Bar / Stud

Black Spike Labret Piecing bar 1.6mm
In Stock: 177

1.2mm Dice Monroe / Labret Stud
1.2mm Jewelled Micro Labret/Monroe Stud
3mm ball
1.6mm Glow in the Dark Labret Stud

1.2mm Internal Thread Jewelled Micro Monroe Stud
tiny 2mm jewel
1.6mm Black Push-In labret with gem

1.2mm Jewelled Micro Labret/Monroe Stud, 6mm
Limited stock
1.2mm Neon Monroe / Labret Stud

Clear Ball Labret Stud /Retainer 1.2mm

Glow in the Dark 1.2mm monroe Labret Stud

1.6mm Labret Stud with logo picture ball

1.6mm Jamaica Stripe Labret Stud
1.2mm jewelled cross monroe Stud
In Stock: 296
Internal thread

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