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Welcome to 99p Body Jewellery Wholesale UK

We are a UK based business, dedicated to bringing you a great selection of wholesale body piercing jewellery including navel bars, tongue bars, labret studs, nose studs eyebrow bars, nipple shields, piercing retainers and lots more all at wholesale prices.
Our minimum order is now just £30 (was previously £45).

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If you do not want to buy wholesale body jewellery please visit our retail site www.gemsbodyjewellery.co.uk where you can buy individual pieces with no minimum order requirement.

These are this weeks recommended products

These are our current best sellers.

14mm Steel Barbell
In Stock: 134

Glitter Belly Bar

Black Titanium Jewelled Monroe Stud 1.2mm
In Stock: 184

1.6mm Jewelled Labret Piercing Bar / Stud

Labret Retainer 1.6mm
In Stock: 10

1.6mm Steel BCR

18g x 8mm Steel BCR
In Stock: 0

Zip Lip Ring Horseshoe / circular Barbell 16g

1.2mm Jewelled Micro Labret/Monroe Stud, 6mm

0.8mm Steel BCR

Striped tongue/nipple Barbell

Striped Horseshoe / circular Barbell 16g